8Small Bathroom Tile Ideas To Create A More Spacious Look

Have a small bathroom but want to make it look spacious then make use of these small bathroom tile ideas. This Tool and homeimprovement site can let you make your bathroom more spacious with the simple and easy tips.


Use lots of white tiles to make your small bathroom look airy and spacious. It helps to reflect the light making space look bigger and brighter. Since the bathroom already has many things in white, adding white tiles will also blend well with the bathroom.

Small prints

Select the bathroom tiles that have small prints or designs on them. This makes the space look bigger.

Large tiles

Large tiles make the room look bigger. So make sure to select the bigger variety of tiles in your bathroom.

Plank tiles help to add depth

The plank tiles are linear tiles that offer depth to your room. These come in many varieties and styles. It also helps to offer a modern twist to your bathroom.

The layout of the tile

Layout the tiles diagonally to make space look bigger. The eyes get drawn to the tiles laid diagonally and makes your bathroom look bigger.

Use rectangular tiles

Rectangular tiles are another secret to make space look big. You could lay them horizontally or vertically to serve the purpose.

Keep it less

Keep the fixtures in the bathroom to the bare minimum and this will not let your bathroom feel very crowded. Less is more when it comes to deciding on the decor of your small bathroom.

Use a big mirror

Look to install a big sized mirror in the bathroom which can help to double the space up. It also helps to give a very dramatic look to your bathroom and gives it a spacious feel.


Choose your tiles carefully. The design, color and the pattern of the tile enhance the look of the bathroom. Also, add plenty of depth to your bathroom and make the walls look like they are placed far away to make the room feel bigger.