How to Use Home Drug Tests in 2018

Despite many states like California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado decriminalizing or even legalizing the sale and recreational use of cannabis products, the Federal Government still classifies marijuana as an illegal controlled substance.

You will still need to take drug tests to receive government benefits or even a job or loan in many cases. So, drug tests are still extremely important and failing them can have large consequences in your life for a very long time. Here you will learn about drug tests and what you need to know about in-home drug tests. Fortunately, at home drug tests are becoming much more popular these days because of their relatively low cost and high availability.

But most importantly, you want these tests to be accurate. An inaccurate false negative is probably even more harmful to you than just plain old ignorance. If you’re skeptical of trusting the results of a 30- or 40-dollar test, you are totally justified because the accuracy of many of these cheap off the counter drug test kits is very dubious.

The actual products of marijuana like THC are purged from your body pretty quickly after you stop doing drugs, but the metabolite THC-COOH can linger on in your body for weeks and even months, depending on the frequency of your marijuana use and the potency of the marijuana you took. THC-COOH is what the drug tests look for in your body. If you are fat, it will take your body longer to purge THC-COOH from your body, meaning that it is easier for women to fail drug tests because they have more body fat on average than men.

There are many different types of drug tests, including hair tests, blood tests, urine tests, and saliva tests. Look for exit-5 for a good in-home test.