Moving House with a Toddler: Tips for Moving With Your Kid

Shifting houses is a wonderful feeling to get into another place that could add more memories in your life; well it is a tedious job to shift houses, especially with a toddler, as they too young to understand what is going around they feel at home when there is a playground nearby and mom is around to cuddle them. Moving houses along with a toddler have to be carefully done, like the boxes, packing, unpacking and the dust may lead to infection for the child.

Things can get overwhelming at times, as there are so many things that have to be sorted and there is additional baby stuff to be handled carefully. It is important to plan well ahead, so that there are no last minute surprises, with more attention to be given if you are moving to another town altogether.

Tips to remember while moving houses

  • stock up infant food, so that you do not have a wailing baby in a room full of cartons and you are not able to find the food and other essentials for the infant, always check out DoodleBuckets first for all the baby essentials
  • frozen vegetable mash, dried fruits, as toddlers get bored with the same kind of food, pre-arrange a few essential items in the new kitchen
  • moving houses is stressful, take plenty of breaks in between, to feed the baby, take short breaks to meet the old neighborhoods, take the kid to the play area so that they feel warm and comfortable
  • Relocating is a big task, take help if offered by neighbors, your parents, as this is the most stressful time for you and the kids, they cannot play and move around in the entire house with too many boxes blocking their way.