The Best Tips and Tricks for Getting Kids to Sleep at Night

The problem became visible only when he started school:

I used to fret waking him up every morning to get ready to go to school. Missing the school bus was the norm at my household. The teachers were quite frequently dropping emails and writing in the diary that Adam was not attentive in class or was sulky or that he wasn’t completing his food because he was dropping off to sleep.

My concerns were growing:

Till the time he started school, I had no real issues regarding putting him to bed early and that is where I made the biggest mistake, says my Facebook mommy group.

Children as young as one and a half need to be sleep trained just as much as they need to be taught to say and do poo and pee. So, when I allowed Adam to sleep at whatever time he did and pretty late most of the days, I sent a message to him that it was okay to not learn to go at one particular time. There were days back then that he would fall asleep even while playing. I had to get him into a routine.

I got an astronomy toy from starwalkkids and it did wonders for me!

This toy animates the night sky and also gives the real-time location of the stars and other heavenly bodies. It is such an intellectual toy that I fell head over heels when I saw it at their store.

Now whenever I want him to sleep, I get him to remove the toy half hour before the scheduled time and then we watch the night sky together. He begins getting the hint that it is rest time after this. The plan has taken off so well that I am planning to pick up other toys from them too.

Does your child sleep late? Get this one and see the sleep fairy run her magic.