The Best Tips for Washing your Car at Home

Keeping your vehicle for many years in good condition needs proper care and maintenance by you. This can be done at home itself with no great expenses. But you just need to use the right technique to do it. Here are some useful tips for you.

  • Use the right tools for cleaning: for washing your car perfectly you need few items like a hose, 2 buckets, 2 or 3 sponges for cleaning, car wash liquid and clean cloth for wiping away the water after wash. Keep these well maintained and clean after every wash.
  • Wash your car in a shady area: cleaning your car in hot weather will get it dry soon, but your windows will have the water bubbles as spots which look like dirt again. Also, you need to fully hose your car so that hard dirt can get loose so that you can easily wipe it away rather than it affecting the car paint.
  • Always use 2 buckets and not one: this is a common mistake made while cleaning, you tend to dip the dirty sponge again into the same water before cleaning the next part of your car, which make the sponge dirtier each time. Hence use two buckets so that your cleaning is good and makes sense.
  • Use separate sponges for tire and car body: the dirt is different in each part of the car, the tires get dirtier and the particles from these could be dangerous enough to make scratches on your car body, hence use two different sponges for these parts. If possible you can get a device for wheel cleaning to make it more professional and safe.
  • Follow systematic washing: once you have used the liquid for thoroughly cleaning the car, use a hose to rinse the car systematically from top to bottom so that the water flows downwards and gets away all the dirt. If you randomly splash water the entire ideology of cleaning will get disrupted.

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