The Best Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights

Many of us have a feeling that the summer season is the worst of all the seasons because the heat and the high temperature of the season cannot be tolerated by anyone. It is the worst for the aged people and kids who get suffocated, dehydrated. Kids even cry as they are unable to bear the sweat and the heat boils generated due to the sun. There are many tricks to survive this hot summer nights and we can always get advice from the doctors. There are many online sites available which help and suggest various means to kill the heat,  you can visit their website to find out more. Here are very few basic tips:

  1. We can install more than one ceiling fan in the room to beat the heat. As one fan is not sufficient for a living room which could accommodate more than 10 members of a family. Installing another one would be a wise one.
  2. We should have some plenty of water and fresh juices as in the summer season our bodies will get dehydrated very easily and we become tired very quickly. Water content is more important in hot summer and so take more and more water to make the summer cool.
  3. We should use cotton sheets instead of using any other material sheets. Because cotton sheets will help us to cool our bodies and it will absorb the sweat easily.
  4. We should try to sleep in the open air, preferably on the terrace in the summer season because sweating.
  5. We can wear loose cotton white clothes because when we wear tight and fitted dresses, more sweat is generated and we have chances of getting some heat boils and pricks. To avoid all those things, we better wear cotton clothes.

We can spill some water on the ground in the evening time to reduce the heat of the floor at nights. Because water will cool down the ground somewhat and we will be able to survive hot, sweaty nights with light cool breeze.