Top 10 Insanely Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

It is easy to make money these days and far easier to spend it too. No matter how much you make if you don’t save then all your hard work goes waste. You don’t have to go out of your way to start saving, just by adopting a few healthy financial habits around the house you can improve your bank balance.

  1. Eat home cooked meals: They are not only healthier free from additives and preservatives found in restaurant food but really economical.
  2. Ask for discounts: All vendors do not market their discounts; you must ask. Call the customer care and ask if there are any offers and discounts that you are eligible for. You can look in Couponobox for useful coupons.
  3. Reduce clothing expenditure: The stores will entice you with discounts and sales but do not buy if you don’t need new clothes. Buying clothes is a bad investment.
  4. Use energy efficient lighting and equipment: By switching over to energy efficient appliances you will save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills.
  5. Subscribe Sunday paper alone: Cut the daily newspaper delivery because you can read the news daily online but since you get coupons in Sunday paper buy that.
  6. Reduce entertainment bills: Cut down on spending on entertainment and instead find activities that require no expenditure at all like biking, going to the beach etc.
  7. Choose potluck over dining out: While enjoying a meal with friends is vital for a happy life, it is not necessary that you must dine out each time. Opt for a potluck which will be interesting and cheap too.
  8. Air dry clothes: This will not only reduce electricity bills but will also improve the life of your clothes.
  9. Cut your cable costs: Why pay for channels you don’t watch or for content available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Cut down on unnecessary costs.
  10. Cut on cleaning supplies: You don’t need to spend on expensive cleaners for a spic and span house; just invest in baking soda and vinegar and you have cheap but most efficient cleaners at your disposal.